For years prior to launch, we carefully tracked and tested several methods of local and sustainable agriculture, including aquaponics, hydroponics, and aquaculture. From that research, we found that Minnesota was an ideal location to fulfill the aquaculture market. We saw a need in the Midwestern states to provide affordable, fresh, and accessible seafood. Being from the land of 10,000 lakes, we naturally lean toward the power of water and find ourselves amidst an opportunity to provide the nation with a unique product. And in 2015, Driftless Fish Co. was born out of the Driftless Area in Spring Valley, Minnesota.



Our goal is to produce the highest quality local fish at a value that can't be matched. How? We start with the highest quality water source there is: pristine natural spring water from the Driftless Area. This crystal clear water provides our fish with a continuous supply of cold, well-oxygenated water. With high levels of minerals needed for healthy fish development, a variety of wild bugs, and a high-quality commercial diet, our results have been astonishing. Our Rainbow Trout have grown to market size several months ahead of schedule, with vibrant coloring, and produced a flavor that is rich and robust. In addition, we one day hope to foster the aquaculture industry by being one of the first certified organic fish farm.



Too often, agribusinesses reveal little of their operations and keep consumers in the dark about the products they purchase. We value transparency and visibility, and believe that consumers should be able to trust the source of their food. Driftless Fish Co. is not only passionate about aquaculture, but the general health and well-being of our fish as well as our consumer. This is why we encourage our team to think outside the box and discover new ways to supply a better quality product, every day.





Our involvement in each stage of aquaculture enables flexibility and agility. Our multiple locations encourage us to differentiate and grow our product portfolio organically, meeting the demand of our consumers. 


Every company chases wide-spread awareness, but our ambition is larger than that. We want to grow the aquaculture industry as a whole and show the benefits of a pescatarian-rich diet.


With the advantage of being centrally located, we have the ability to distribute our products more efficiently across the United States.